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The healing value of cannabis cannot be disregarded. Weed has been used as a remedy for around 3,000 years. Do the math to find out that it was known as a cure-all even before the Common Era.

Don’t be bought into the idea that marijuana is potent enough to cure everything, including hepatitis C, AIDS, or tuberculosis. Unfortunately, there are lots of vendors that provide this misinformation. If you happen to see it, remember that they aren’t reliable medical maijuana online stores.

When you consume cannabis products adequately, they prove to be really useful for:

  • Relieving stress, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Lessening severe pain
  • Getting rid of dermatitis symptoms
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Shedding excess pounds

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Marijuana is already legal in most of the US states and on the other side of the ocean. Surprisingly, there are still many patients who’ve never tried it even despite its science-backed therapeutic potential and a plethora of recreational properties. If you are one of those left in the dark, say no more! is the and immerse yourself in the stress-free world.

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Joeby Ragpa
Joeby Ragpa
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My first recreational marijuana experience in Cali! Very cool place! I will definitely come back. I didn't quite realize how expensive everything was but Im sure their prices will come down over time. They also had some good deals going on their edibles which was nice. Staff was super helpful and friendly. I was expecting slow and stoned service but these guys were on point!
Alexander Samokhin
Alexander Samokhin
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Wow, I just stopped into this neighborhood shop to pick up some screens. I walked out with much more! Awesome customer service. They actually had clones that I had been looking for. I’ll for sure be stopping in again!
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Loved this place! All of the strains I bought tested well above 20 pct and got me high as can be with just a hit or two! The prices are steep but its the same with all rec shops in Seattle. If you're looking for high grade cannabis with strong THC this spot is money. Wasn't as crowded as I expected for a weekend either. That was a pleasant surprise.